Saturday, December 28, 2013

Students, families and educators are joining the Walk Out the Knockout Color Run/Walk to support Seeds in the Middle. They Run2B Healthy.

Let's surpass the $5,000 to get underprivileged, deserving kids an array of educational, arts and health programs. We've got only 9 days to show you care! Donate now at

Seeds in the Middle,
named by fourth graders, inspires parents, educators, students and their community to access all opportunities for well-being, quality education and greening their environment. We are joyful, respectful, educational and engaging. We nurture the whole child.

Our community is appalled at stories about the so-called Knockout Game, depicted in the media as violent African-American teens randomly punching vulnerable pedestrians.

Some folks brand the so-called "Knockout Game" as an urban myth. Well, urban myth or not, public school students are stepping up to show they do NOT support violence and seek successful, productive futures. They blast such criminal actions as "disgraceful" and "pathetic."

They're asking you to sponsor them so they can get affordable, positive school and after-school programs in their neighborhoods that keep kids safe and off the streets.

Seeds in the Middle offers comprehensive, anti-obesity packages to schools, focusing on our most underserved children, families and faculties. We empower and educate everyone to get healthy and scale disparities. Students are the actors who create their own nourishing, green, quality environments. We are the bridge!

Our event starts at Seeds in the Middle's first Hip2B Healthy school - PS 221 in Crown Heights, a neighborhood with one of New York City’s highest obesity, diabetes, and heart disease rates.
Seeds in the Middle is the proud founder of two farmers markets in underserved central Brooklyn, creating easy, affordable access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

We also sponsor Soccer for Harmony youth and adult tournaments. We are proud to boast that our focus 4th grade class in 2012 surpassed citywide average scores on standardized tests!
At Seeds in the Middle, we teach how to grow, how to market, how to access and prepare nutritious food, how to exercise, how to engage in the arts, all the elements needed to promote life-changing lifelong health.

Our partners come from all walks of life: chefs, athletes, educators, artists, builders and more. We cross cultures. We transform gray into green, destitution into inspiration.

Your funds will give children the chance to:
  • Grow Edible Gardens
  • Run a Hip2B Healthy school market selling nutritious snacks for as little as 50 cents
  • Cook healthy with master chefs at school and serve their parents and grandparents!
  • Get fit with soccer, running, dance and more
  • Enjoy classes where professional partners coach teachers and students to integrate all of these hands-on joyful lessons into common core curriculum in math, science, literacy, social studies and more.
Seeds in the Middle is a 501c3 charity so donations are tax-deductible. We are very small, but our students are leading the way to greater accompishments.

We are model for replication for any school. Our youth prove their star quality everyday. Please support them and pledge now! Feel free to contact us!