Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hip2B Healthy Raffle!

Support Hip2B Healthy Kids Youth Arts, Sports, Fun Programs, and Crown Heights Farmers Market!
Raffle for iPod Touch, Nano, Sneakers, and More!
Help kids play soccer, dance, play music, and more!

Raffle Tickets: $1 each or 6 for $5
When: Drawing on April 14, 2013 (during the Soccer for Harmony Tournament #4)
Prizes:  1st Prize: iPod Touch (33 GB)
                     2nd Prize: Choice of one: iPod Nano, Sneakers, or Nike Sweatshirt
                     3rd Prize: $50 Gift Certificate to JOYA Restaurant

Win Prizes for SELLING Tickets! If you are first to sell:

  • 300 Tickets: Win an iPod Touch (33 GB)
  • 200 Tickets: Win an iPod Nano or $50 Gift Certificate to JOYA Restaurant (2 winners)
  • 150 Tickets: Win choice of one: free soccer for 1 (one) child (April-June), Sneakers, or Nike Sweatshirt (20)
  • 60 Tickets: Win coupons to the Hip2B Healthy Market at PS 221 or monthly spring soccer pass for 1 (one) child (20 winners)
Info and to get raffles: Call 917-756-4202 or email: or get tickets at PS 221, the first Hip2B HEalthy School (791 Empire Blvd.)
Note: Adults, you can buy rolls of raffle tickets and sell. Just let us know and bring them to us.


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